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Social media advertising helps you connect directly to your audience through valuable first party data. Everything that is entered into Facebook for example, (birthday, marital status, pages a user likes or interacts with, etc.) is used to create a profile on an individual for targeting purposes. Since the number of social media users is billions worldwide, the targeting opportunities are limitless.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn all offer the same targeting capabilities and are strong ways to reach all levels of your target audience.


Targeting opportunities available are precise, niche and organic means of reaching your audience

Trackable ad exposure through 1:1 conversions

Content is engaging and relevant, increasing frequency and building brand familiarity


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with millions of data points to reach your target audience. First party data segments available through the platform create a natural and targeted environment to reach your audience based off of their behaviors and interests.


Social media videos show off your brand’s personality and helps to connect emotionally to your audience.

Videos also keep the user’s attention in order to increase brand familiarity and drive conversion rates.

Targeting capabilities include by demographics, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, interest & behavioral attributes (life events, likes and follows, digital activities, etc.), and location.


Through mobile polygonning and geofencing technology, after we’ve drawn precise borders around specific locations for device ID capture, we can download that list and upload it into different environments for a multifaceted approach to increase brand frequency. Once downloaded, we can take those unique device IDs and have each social media platform find corresponding profiles. Through this, we can not only reach users through mobile apps, but we can continue to reach them when they navigate away to open their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat apps or desktop pages


Keeps message clear and consistent to help push brand frequency

Brand messaging is seen across multiple verticals in your audiences’ everyday device usage