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With mobile geofencing and polygonning technology, we are able to select a specific geographic location that we intend to target. Once the area is drawn, we work with the system to pull in device IDs (ID numbers associated with users’ mobile phones) who have been in the location in the past. Essentially, we go back in time to build out an audience pool based on those who have been at the location for up to two years prior. Once we have this pool of users, we can reach them wherever they go after.


Messaging stays consistent to increase conversion rates by way of frequency

Lookalike audiences can also be built around your audience to expand your pool

Prebuilt mobile audiences are available to reach certain types of people based on their mobile behaviors


Through mobile polygonning and geofencing technology, after we’ve drawn precise borders around specific locations for device ID capture, we can download that list and upload it into different environments for a multifaceted approach to increase brand frequency. Once downloaded, we can take those unique device IDs and have each social media platform find corresponding profiles. Through this, we can not only reach users through mobile apps, but we can continue to reach them when they navigate away to open their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat apps or desktop pages


Keeps message clear and consistent to help push brand frequency

Brand messaging is seen across multiple verticals in your audiences’ everyday device usage.